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With this approach the company serves a range of sectors such as automotive, textile and electronics

The lack of containers in the maritime market continues to be a challenge for large companies in the import and export of products. A survey by Windward, a platform specialised in maritime transport, says that one in every five container ships around the world is stuck next to a congested port, 24.3% of which are in China.

To try to alleviate this scenario, Asia Shipping, a Brazilian multinational focused on cargo management, is using NOR type containers in some of its operations, i.e. the same ones used to move reefer cargo, but with the engine turned off.

“With the meat market heating up, the reefer started to be well used in Brazil. That’s why we started to use NOR with other clients in order to reduce deadlines and equipment inventories when importing. With this new service, we can serve a range of sectors such as automotive, textile and electronics, comments Rafael Dantas, Asia Shipping Commercial Director.

This year, the company reached the 30th position among the largest cargo agents in the world. Last year alone, it handled more than 422,000 TEUs (20-foot containers), with the automotive sector being one of the highlights for 2021.

“With these new types of approach, such as the use of NOR containers, we guarantee more efficiency, assertiveness and synergy between the teams. With the visibility of import and export, we can better understand the needs of both the shipowner and the importer and always offer the most appropriate solution even in difficult times,” comments Rafael Dantas, commercial director of the company.


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